What is Walk and Talk Therapy?

By Lara Just, September 2020…

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  • The image often evoked of therapy involves a room and two chairs, maybe a couch – but therapy doesn’t have to be this way.
  • Therapist Lara Just explains how walk and talk, or outdoor, therapy works.
  • Outdoor therapy is more Covid-secure and more clients than ever are offering this service.

The events over the past six months across the world have changed many things. Online working has become more popular and many people are desperate to get out and about and into nature, particularly those feeling stuck in small living spaces and in cities. This has also changed psychotherapy and how it is offered. Though I have been working outdoors and online for many years now with many clients all over the world, the demand has never been higher and many of my colleagues have now started to look into offering these formats of therapy. Read more here.