Join us for a three-day creative and therapeutic writing retreat incorporating nature and mindfulness-based activities for inspiration and wellbeing. (Get PDF Flyer here)


Dates: Friday 2nd October to 4th October 2020

Times: Friday 15:30 – Sunday 15:30

Venue: Upper Vobster Farm, Upper Vobster, Radstock, BA3 5SA.

Price: £265 (including all meals)

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About this Event

Do you like writing? Or have you ever wanted to do something creative, start writing or journaling but didn’t know how to start or keep it going to enjoy the benefits? Do you need a break from your usual routine? Do you feel stuck or seek inspiration? Or do you just crave to get away and have some space to reset and recharge?

The retreat is for anyone interested in learning about creative mindfulness strategies to increase inner stillness, creative expression, resilience and wellbeing. You don’t have to have any writing experience. This is more about grounding and settling into ourselves. In this way we can find a deeper connection to our inner self, and to allow our inner true expression in creative ways.

This workshop will provide you with supportive and creative mindfulness- and nature-based exercises. You will get time to write, reflect, rest and share your experiences with others. There will be time to gather around the fire in the evenings.

Yoga classes are offered, which are not the ‘usual’ strenuous exercise type but focussing more on meditative stillness. This allows us to slow down, ground and to connect with ourselves, and everything around us while helping us to integrate the experiences of the day.

All meals are nutritionally balanced and specifically chosen to support mental health and wellbeing.

The group will be small and intimate of a maximum of 6-8 people.

The retreat is set on the peaceful 40 acre country farm estate of Upper Vobster Farm, North Somerset. In the breaks you get some time to explore the beautiful surroundings. There are many sitting, meditation and writing spaces onsite. You can wander down to the stream in the valley below, rest at the ponds with its wildlife or explore the magical ancient woodlands.

The weekend is facilitated by eco-psychotherapist Lara Just. Lara has worked outdoors and used creative nature-based and mindfulness-based approaches in her clinical practice for many years. This included outdoor group workshops in South Africa, utilising animal-assisted approaches and developing nature therapy strategies online for clients all over the world.

Take this time to nourish yourself in beautiful surroundings; a space where your heart, mind and soul get a chance to breathe – and be.

Who Is This Retreat For

The retreat is for anyone interested in creative or therapeutic writing and curious about applying creative mindfulness-based or nature-based strategies to your daily life. The focus is on achieving more stillness and allow creative inner true expression, while increasing wellbeing and resilience.

You don’t have to have any writing experience.

It helps if you enjoy reading stories, poems or writing, doodling, sketching in general or want to try it out as part of the process for the first time. All is welcome!

This is more about grounding and settling into ourselves, creating deeper connections with ourselves, and allowing our unconscious minds and wisdom to express themselves.

The group will be small and intimate of a maximum of 6-8 people.

What’s Included

  • All meals and refreshments included. Food is all locally sourced, vegetarian, gluten & dairy free, unless choosing bread or dairy milk – full menu choices available on request.
  • Access to all the conference facilities and 40 acres of private land and woodland, ponds for a variety of walks, sitting, meditation and writing spaces onsite.
  • Numerous clean Wellies for use are available if required.
  • An experienced fully qualified psychotherapist to facilitate your weekend journey.
  • Guided breathing meditation sessions are offered early mornings before breakfast as part of your programme.
  • There will be the additional option to attend meditative-type stillness yoga sessions. (For more information, see below.)
  • Accommodation is offered at a special discount for participants onsite. (For more information, see below.)

What You Will Need

  • Pen and paper. A bound journal or a notebook may be a good option. Chose a size (A5 or A4) that is comfortable for you (smaller sizes may be more difficult for the exercises). The type of exercises offered creative and therapeutic free-writing are more effective when using pen/pencil and paper as a more embodied process. (You are welcome however to bring your laptop or iPad if you chose to do more writing in your rooms later or if you are really feeling strongly about this medium.)
  • Weather-fast gear and comfortable clothes in case of rainy weather (we will still go out and may still sit around the fire depending on conditions!). There are numerous clean additional Wellies available if required.
  • You do not need any special clothes or equipment for the yoga sessions offered. Everything is available onsite.

Meals and Refreshments

Food will be supplied by a wonderful local caterer that is very experienced in putting together delicious nutritionally balanced meals geared to support mental health and wellbeing. Everything is vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free. More detailed information on menu options can be supplied upon booking.

Meditative Yoga Sessions

Yoga sessions are offered by qualified visiting instructors as additional options. The type of yoga offered is not strenuous but more meditative and relaxing focusing on breathing, stillness and connecting with yourself. This will allow inner settling and grounding, while integrating the day’s experiences to a deeper level. There will be a small surcharge of £7.50 pp per session.


Luxury accommodation is available on site at a special price for retreat participants from only £60 pp/per night.

Please inquire with the farm directly about availability as places are filling up quickly.


Call to Book:

+44 (0) 7563 945 237 (Farm Mobile)

+44 (0) 1373 812 166 (Office Hours)

+44 (0) 7971 087 709 (Tricia Mobile)

Upper Vobster Farm

Upper Vobster


Somerset BA3 5SA

For more information on the farm, see also there website:

Travelling to the Venue

The retreat workshop is in North Somerset, close to Radstock and Frome. It about 30 minutes drive away from Bath, and located just south of Bath and Bristol.

If you are travelling from London, it is roughly a 2.5 – 3 hours drive away depending on where you are leaving from. You can either take the route via the M4 or the M3 and then via the A303 Andover Route. Google maps or your SatNav should give you hopefully the best way to get here.

If you are taking public transport, please let us know and it may be possible to arrange pick-up and drop off from the local train station in Frome.

COVID-19 Precautions

There is plenty of space on the farm and in various areas like the conference room facilities, precautions have been taken to mark out appropriate distances. COVID-19 prevention procedures are strictly adhered to on the farm and all their facilities including accommodation of their self-catering lodges and cottages. Further details. will be supplied upon booking.

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