ADADSU was founded by Lara Just in 2014 in London, United Kingdom. It evolved out of her previous nutrition and coaching consultancy business. Its unique approach was initially developed from the scientific, physiological and biochemical model. It later expanded to include the psychological and socio-cultural dimensions to offer a more integrative and sustainable approach to mind-body-spirit health. Read more…

Adadsu bulletOur philosophy is to honour and respect the uniqueness and individual needs of each human being. We value the interconnectedness on all levels, which include physical, emotional, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual aspects of life.

Adadsu bulletOur mission is to make our service as accessible as possible in a unique and personalised way using the outdoors in nature as well as providing online services with the latest technology.

Adadsu bulletOur values are to commit to and encourage change, compassion, creativity, community and self-care.

The ADADSU approach is not narrowly focused on one single therapeutic model, but draws on a variety of psychotherapeutic and complementary health approaches in an integrative and personalised way. We recognise that each of us is unique and can benefit from different things at different times in our lives. By honouring each person’s uniqueness, our integrative approach encourages individuals to safely, and at their own pace, find more balance within the mind-body-spirit system. The ADADSU approach has been specifically designed to help our clients to ADapt, ADvance and SUcceed on their unique journeys to health, healing and wellbeing.

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Lara Just (Director)

Eco-Psychotherapist | Online & Outdoor Therapy | LGBTQ+|

Professional Bio

Lara is the founder and director of ADADSU Ltd. (www.adadsu.com), a London-based company that provides LGBT+ or Gender and Sexual Diversity therapy for adolescents and adults, Online Therapy, Walk & Talk Therapy (Hampstead Heath, London), Equine Assisted Therapy and other healing modalities in a more holistic and integrative way to more sustainably improve mind-body-spirit health and wellbeing. I am also the founder of The Walking Therapist specifically geared towards walk and talk therapy: www.thewalkingtherapist.co.uk.

Lara is a UKCP accredited Psychotherapist and have been in private practice in different clinical capacities since 2008. She likes to focus her work on adolescents and adults (individuals, couples and groups) for a range of difficulties, particularly: LGBT+ (lesbian gay bisexual trans + anything else on the spectrum) or Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity therapy work, trauma, relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, addictions, low self-esteem and body issues, PTSD, bereavement and loss.

Since she absolutely loves nature and animals, Lara has found that these aspects are uniquely powerful to incorporate into the therapy work for more enhanced and faster outcomes. This is uniquely offered through ‘walk & talk’ therapy on the beautiful old Hampstead Heath in North London, and through equine assisted therapy at different locations in the UK. She has a passion to make therapeutic support more accessible to a wide range of people particularly young adolescents. This includes embracing new ways of working and new technologies with our online services. Read more…

She offers long-term and short-term contracts and uses an integrative relational approach drawing on different therapeutic modalities from her extensive training experience. This includes outcome-oriented and solution-focused approaches, mindfulness, psychodynamic work, body psychotherapy and somatic experiencing, Gestalt, hypnotherapy, HeartMath®, healing and other approaches. She has a special interest in mind-body-spirit interactions for mental and physical health, healing and wellbeing.

In 2015/2016, ADADSU added Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning training with LEAP and EAGALA which is a unique and fascinating way to provide a very different working environment and approach. This is particularly effective when working with deep trauma, addictions, depression, anxiety, PTSD, self-esteem, gender, sexuality and identity issues.

Lara has been working in private practice in different clinical capacities since 2008. She held positions at various psychotherapy placements including the West London Centre for Counselling with adults and seniors, Roehampton University Counselling Suite with adolescents and young adults, for Place2Be with primary school children and for the Wandsworth Early Intervention in Psychosis service at South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust with young adults.

Lara has published and appeared in various articles, including Together Magazine (Mental Health Charity) – Together-Article, the Nutrition Practitioner Journal, and the International Holistic Therapist – Food Mood Connection.

Personal Motivations

“I may be an ‘unusual’ therapist because I do things differently. I work with people online and outdoors. My office is literally a walk in the park – in the big beautiful ancient Hampstead Heath, the only service of its kind in London. Most people probably think of therapy as sitting in a small office opposite and head on with a therapist, which could be quite disconcerting at times. I found that walking with someone in nature side by side looking ahead can often be more productive and bring about change faster than traditional ways of working. It is moving our bodies forward – literally and symbolically. It is useful for people in transition, grief, life crisis, and feeling stuck. Research has shown improvements in depression, anxiety, mood and self-esteem, among other things. If you like to know more contact me and find out more on my website: www.thewalkingtherapist.co.uk and here: www.adadsu.com/walk-and-talk/

A bit of my own journey so far

“In my previous careers I worked my way up in the corporate world for nearly two decades, in both private IT Consulting and the public sector in the NHS, while also studying and working in education, lecturing and clinical supervision on the side. I experienced first-hand how imbalanced the work-life ratio can become. This was also partly to mask by own identity and gender questioning which was a long journey of discovery for me. This imbalance lead to increased stress levels, lack of motivation and overall questioning of my life goals and purpose that affected me emotionally, physically and mentally at work and in my relationships.

My journey through the high-powered corporate world,taking on many big seven-figure projects, making changes and improvements for different service providers and patients, led me to realise that I needed to make changes and improvements for myself. On a different level, on an emotional, physical and even spiritual level. While still working in the corporate world though now with reduced hours, I spent the next decade studying many areas from the health sciences to the psychological and creative sciences. On that journey I gained a 1st class (Hons) degree in Nutritional Therapy to gain an understanding of nutrition and lifestyle management as well as additional training in functional medicine, leading me to NLP coaching, HeartMath® and resilience training, hypnotherapy and trance work, Reiki healing and many other areas, and finally my psychotherapy training.

A road I would have never expected to take! And a road that is still ongoing, always finding new things to learn and discover. I see my psychotherapy training as a true blessing for me personally. Before that I never had any kind of support or therapy, but my training finally gently forced me to look at many issues in my life, myself, my identity, my purpose, my family – and the body-mind-spirit connection at large. It was a road of many years of therapy, self-work, self-discovery, self-exploration and self-growth – which is still ongoing! I love the fact that we can never stop learning, there are ALWAYS new things to discover and learn and new perspectives to gain. As part of the best practice of working as a psychotherapist, good therapists will continue with their own personal therapy, as well as their general and specialist supervision support as part of their day-to-day jobs. Though this may have not been easy at the start, I do actually ‘enjoy’ my own therapy. And I love working therapeutically with my clients, we are all so unique and every therapy engagement and relationship is unique. There is nothing more rewarding than getting through the thicket and challenge and pain and eventually finding the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe every one of us deserves a happy and fulfilling future, where each of us can self-actualise in an accepting way and find his or her own community of support (our tribes or soul family).

Adadsu Ltd. was founded in late 2014 which naturally evolved out of my clinical and therapeutic work since 2008. With ADADSU my vision is to make psychotherapy services as accessible and as effective as possible, particularly for adolescents and younger people who find it often more difficult to access these services for different reasons. It is important to me to provide a more unique way of working, which may be seen as ‘unusual’ to standard approaches. This includes working more holistically, in nature and outdoors with walk & talk therapy, or equine assisted psychotherapy, as well as offering unique technologically advanced online services.”

Training & Education

  • Eco-therapy: Taking Therapy Outside – Understanding Therapeutic Practice in Outdoor Natural Spaces | Centre for Natural Reflection (2019)
  • Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversity intensive training | Pink Therapy (2019)
  • Certificate in Working Alongside Trans, Gender Diverse and Questioning People | Gendered Intelligence (GI)
  • Diploma in Online Counselling and Psychotherapy | Academy for Online Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Practitioner Certification | LEAP and EAGALA
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Outcome-Oriented Psychotherapies | Awaken School of Outcome-oriented Psychotherapies
  • Family Constellations Therapy I Certificate | Jessica Riberi & Inge Grethe, Nordisk NLP Akademi | Denmark
  • Level 4 Certificate in Counselling for Children | Place2Be Charity
  • HeartMath® Provider Training | HeartMath® Institute | California, USA & London, UK
  • Clean Language and Metaphor Therapy | Clean Change Company
  • Certificate in Self-Relations Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Generative Trance and Coaching | Stephen Gilligan, PhD | San Diego, California, USA
  • Ericksonian Hypno-Psychotherapy in Clinical Practice Certificate | BeeLeaf Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy
  • Certificate in Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice™ (AFMCP™) | Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM)
  • Master NLP Practitioner & Coaching Certification | Awaken Consulting Ltd.
  • BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy | 1st class honours | Middlesex University
  • Diploma in Nutritional Therapy | Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management (CNELM)
  • NLP Practitioner Certification | UK College of Personal Development (UKCPD)
  • Dietary Educator Certificate | Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management (CNELM)
  • NLP Coaching Diploma | International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA)
  • Access Degree | Biochemistry | Middlesex University
  • Economics Diploma | Heidelberg University

Professional Memberships & Registrations

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If you are interested in collaborating with ADADSU and being part of a small community of mind-body-spirit healthcare professionals, please contact us.