ADADSU (Adapt-Advance-Succeed) is a London-based company that provides Online Psychotherapy, Online Counselling, and Outdoor Therapy (Walking and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy).

ADADSU is a unique personalised concept that helps individuals to ADapt to their problematic situations, heal and ADvance beyond their perceived limitations and SUcceed in moving forward. The goal of the concept is to experience therapy in a more holistic and integrative way to more sustainably improve mind-body-spirit health and wellbeing and more sustainably achieve our desired outcomes.

About adadsuABOUT
Find out about our unique approach, our philosophy, our mission and our values behind ADADSU. The ADADSU approach is not narrowly focused on one single therapeutic model, but draws on a variety of psychotherapeutic and complementary health approaches in an integrative and personalised way. You can also read more about the founder and director, Lara Just, and the team of our collaborators.

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online therapy

We provide exclusive online therapy and support. We understand that your time is precious and you may not be able to attend psychotherapy, counselling or coaching sessions at our London therapy clinics. We deliver safe and confidential sessions via easy to use media technologies from anywhere in the world, at any time. We can help advise you whether this approach may be right for you and also help you choose the best current technologies to make this happen from your phone, iPad or PC.

Nature Therapy
Outdoor psychotherapy and counselling sessions on the large beautiful ancient Hampstead Heath – the only one of its kind in North London. Walk & Talk is just what it says, instead of working online or sitting in an office we talk AND we walk. It combines professional psychotherapeutic support with moving the body in nature. It is moving our bodies forward both literally and metaphorically.

equine therapy

Equine therapy is also called Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning (EAP/L). It is often interchangeably used with Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning (EFP/L). It utilises activities in the presence of horses to explore ways a client sees and relates to themselves and others, their patterns of behaviour, coping strategies as well as their gifts and strengths. It can help address various trauma, addictions, self-esteem, boundaries and much more.

booking fees

Before you start therapy you will first be asked to come for an assessment session and meet your therapist. During your first session some more general things will be covered, like your main reasons for seeking help, a brief family and health history and some other details. Fees for psychotherapy and other services are listed in this section.


This section provides more information on psychotherapy, the different therapies and approaches as well as a number of useful resources. It can be quite confusing to know which one to choose and which approach may be most helpful to you. Your therapist can talk to you about the most suitable options for your needs. However, if you are keen to learn more, see this section for definitions, information, handouts and more.


This is our new blog section after running our eNews  since 2015. You can find our latest articles on topics like equine therapy, online therapy and counselling as well as and other related psychotherapy and psychology topics of interest. It is currently growing, so stay tuned for more. To not miss out make sure you sign up to our eNews on our home page!


Our main practice in Central London is a 15 minute walk from King’s Cross and St Pancras stations that can be reached by underground, overground and rail services. We also have a practice 12 minutes walk away from Clapham Junction station. Our main equine therapy premises are listed here. Use this section to find maps, further directions and to book your appointment.