Top 7 Tips to Stay Grounded & keep calm during the pandemic

Written by Lara Just – March 2020…

After the recent events and the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic many of us have become concerned. It has plunged our world into uncertainty as we know it and we don’t know how each day or week ahead will be.It can be challenging to stay centred and calm in this turbulent time with relentless news reporting and social media posts. This newsletter will provide some general tips and useful links to help you manage and cope during these testing times. 

Everyone seems already inundated with so much information on the topic, that it will feel hard what to sift out the right information for yourself.

There are a lot of emotions flying around at the moment, no wonder, and many of us are still experiencing shock and disbelief at what we are witnessing around the world right now.

So what are the key things that we could do to help us stay more grounded and to keep calm, avoid panic and fear? How could we focus on ourselves (and our loved ones) for some more healing time, perhaps re-evaluating what’s important to us. A chance to consider what we want from our relationships, work, life?

Top 7 Tips to Stay Grounded & Keep Calm during COVID-19 Lockdown

1.    Aim to seek information from legitimate sources*

2.    Limit social media and news reporting (as much as possible)

3.    Look after yourself and your loved ones (take this time)

4.    Reach out and support each other (neighbours, friends, colleagues)

5.    Maintain a sense of hope and positive thinking (include positive resources)

6.    Acknowledge your feelings (journaling, talk to a good friend)

7.    Ask for professional support (find a therapist)

*see also my newsletter on the topic here.

However, there is also hope and beauty that has come up through this crisis. And in a way us being forced to stop for a moment right now. As many countries around the world are experiencing complete “lock-down” (e.g. enforced quarantine, staying at home, social distancing outside or complete self-isolation), there is incredible solidarity appearing.

Neighbourhoods are coming together, people helping each other, more families are outside together, and people starting to grow foods together. 

In a matter of one week changes in the environment have been witnessed in Europe.
Amongst the beautiful blue skies and sunshine of the UK spring, birds seem louder and wild animals can be seen more frequently around the country. 

Clients of mine have reported that their rivers in Italy – normally busy with Gondolas, and some of those in Germany have cleared up in a matter of less than two weeks – and fish appeared again. The skies in busy cities like London appear clearer, cleaner and quieter, which are usually full of air traffic, plane condensation lines criss-crossing, and full of noise and air pollution.

It is quiet and more peaceful – for a moment. People reported that ‘it feels like at Christmas in London’ (when most fly out home somewhere).

Except that it isn’t. 

We just had to stop. Nearly completely. 

I can’t help but wonder if we can see another message in this – from Mother Nature to us. 

That despite much talk about “let’s get over this, and then get back to ‘normal'” – we have to wonder what this ‘back to normal’ would look like?

Can we ever go back to ‘normal’ or ‘business as usual’?

And if we do, will we now see what impact this might really have on our environment and the survival of our species on this planet long-term? 

Is there a message in this stopping for a moment?

Will we only be able to recognise and really stop to notice our impact on our resources through this crisis, when we are personally afflicted? E.g. when we cannot find resources as usual in our local shops (as it is happening at the moment)?

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”

Roy T. Bennett

When we act so passionately to follow the government advice to contain the spread to save and keep our loved ones healthy – could we act equally passionately to contain our own ways of living to save our loved ones in the future? Those that will depend on the health of our beautiful planet overall? 

The current situation has undoubtedly made a huge impact on all of our lives. With more time (potentially!) to reflect on these things, we may suddenly become more aware of how we use our resources, what we eat, drink, use every day, and what if they run out. Where they come from. Who grows them. Who picks up our rubbish we create every day, where it goes… Perhaps we notice and appreciate those people more that do all these jobs for us, that we normally take for granted and those jobs we wouldn’t want to do ourselves. 

It is an interesting time full of uncertainties.

It may also be a time full of opportunities. 

But we will not be able to see these opportunities easily if we are in a state of panic, stress and anxiety. 

Instead it is now more important than ever to stay grounded and to keep a calm head. 

To find more creative and better solutions, to connect with people and pull together – to support each other.

If you are interested in some free resources for this time like meditation, yoga classes online, how to start gardening, books, and therapy sessions etc – have a look at my newsletter on this topic here. Hopefully it can provide some useful things for you during these current testing times.

And since all of this is concerning us on a global scale we now notice – perhaps more than ever – that we are all in the same boat! As passengers and fellow travellers on this planet that we call Earth.

Stay safe and healthy!

Warm wishes,