Booking & Fees

Before we start with your therapy programme, we will have an initial assessment session online.

Initial assessment session is free of charge.

This initial session takes place via online video consultation via the secure online platform Zoom (also available in the app store for smart devices). This platform is more confidential than Skype and you only need to sign-up and register once. The registration and the use of this platform for our purposes is free of charge to you. A few minutes before our agreed session you will then receive a ‘zoom-link’ that includes a unique ID number that will allow you to access your session.

In the initial session we be an opportunity to get to know each other and assess if we can work together and if so how. For example, the way we may agree to work with each other, if it will be online or outdoors or a mix, for how long etc. Apart from taking your personal and health history it is also about agreeing on your goals and for you to get a chance to ask me questions.

Consecutive sessions will be charged at the full rate. 

My fees are £90.00 per 50 minutes session.

Outdoor sessions like Walking Therapy sessions will allow for a little more time buffer walking to and from stations before and after the session, and are 60 minutes.

Couples sessions are £120.00 per session (60 minutes).

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy session are £150.00 per session (75-90 minutes).

Concessions can offer be offered between £75.00-90.00.

Clients are eligible for concessionary rates if they are unemployed, students, on benefits/disability support or on a low income and struggle to pay.

Please talk to me in case you have questions about any of this or if you are still struggling to afford this. We can talk about various options, ranging from deferring payment for an agreed period, agreeing on a different session frequency (if appropriate) or a different fee structure.

If we still cannot find an agreement to work with each other I am very happy to refer to other suitable practitioners and will aim to provide information on other low-cost services that may be available in your area, or how to find out about it.

Contact me to book or if you have any further questions.